Photo Challenge: Family

Family cannot be captured in one photo.  I like the imperfect photos of family because they tell a story, my story, my mother’s story, my sisters’ story, my brothers’.   Family to me is large.

Old pix-2

Old pix-1




Family is loud. 

SingingFamily touches.  Family holds.  Family forgives.


Family creates traditions…


Moments of family.  The last dance my sisters and I had with Grandma Anne.  That moment, filled with love, laughter and excitement, we thought there would be more dances, but this was her last.Laura'WeddingGGwithSisters

My great-grandmother, Nana or Fat Nan if she was out of ear shot, born on the fourth of July and died on Valentines Day.  Was this her last birthday bash?NanaGGUncleBart

The photos I cherish most…that I’m in possession of…Martha smiling as a child, they are so hard to find.


Barb by the pool, tiny, precious. Her little soft cotton top.  What you can’t see I can feel—her smile, her dancing eyes, her soft hair.BarbLittle-1

My mom doing what she does best with her granddaughter…

MomSarah MomSarah2

With her daughter… IMG_0651

I have no children but my siblings have provided me with an abundance of love.  Nieces and nephews whose company I’ve enjoyed no matter what their age…or mine.NiecesNephew

Here’s to family!!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Family

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14 Responses to Photo Challenge: Family

  1. What a fabulous collection of family photos!

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  10. Khana says:

    Fantastic pic with the spoons & I really loved the one with the hands by the table. It reminded me how precious loved ones become as we get older 🙂

  11. I love family photos. I could look at them all day long. I don’t even need to know the families to enjoy the pictures. They tell such wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing them.

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