Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Italy provided the background for my entries to this week’s photo challenge.

Walking through the Forum in Rome always makes me feel very small, yet part of am enormous mass of humanity.  Walking among the ruins with a digital camera lends itself to irony.  This picture in one of the buildings on the Forum grounds exemplifies the juxtaposition of past and present to create a truly modern photo–Ancient sculpture, beautifully lit to create an emotional portrait captured with a modern camera, that in turn becomes timeless.Rome, Forum

The words “gastronomy” and “horse meat” are rarely paired in the States, yet in the Italian cities along the Adriatic the combo is a delicacy.gastronomia carni equine

Another sign in the heart of Rome.Rome Sign war and tourist menu

And finally amongst the terra cotta roof tiles life can’t be stopped.Roof tiles with flowers

For more entries click onto Weekly Photo Challenge.  This is one entry that I really liked.  Alabatx Gallery


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  7. Excellent choices. I particularly like the last one.


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