Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trees  

For the last twenty years of have lived in the arid climes of Los Angeles.  I remember the first time I landed in LA the brightness of the unfiltered light blinded me.  The lack of dappled light and shadows flattened the sprawling urban mass to a sharp edged blue and tan grid.

But after twenty years my eyes have adapted rendering blue and tan comfort colors.

When I trotted off to work in Louisiana and Mississippi my eyes had to make a major adjustment.  Blues and tans yielded to a rich range of greens.  Greens that I’ve never experienced before.  On a river trip the wide expanse of the launch site gives way to encroaching moss, water coated with bright green pollen.  Further along the remains of a cypress tree seems to mock me.  Louisiana Swamp IMG_1465

Cypress Tree Laughing

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  1. My parents have lived in Arizona for many years now and when they would visit us in Ohio, they would continually remark on how many trees there were. Same idea.


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