Tuesday’s A-Z Challenge: “L”


Locorotondo is a small white washed town in the southern area of Pulgia, Italy. The town is a series of winding streets that eventually spiral into the small center of town.  This is not a tourist destination by any stretch of the imagination, rather it is a quiet pause in a day to drink in the beauty of the town.

Locorotondo, Italy

Locorotondo, ItalyLocorotondo, ItalyLocorotondo, Italy

This is part of the Tuesday A to Z Challenge by Flicker Comments.

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4 Responses to Tuesday’s A-Z Challenge: “L”

  1. fabulous! I can imagine walking through that quaint city right now.

  2. Coming from you that’s a compliment.

  3. Lorrie Rosenblum says:

    So beautiful. You captured the essence of all that is Italy. Although Tuscany and Florence is my favorite spot, I’m in the process of planning a trip for a major birthday in August to the Amalfi Coast.

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