About Jude

When my hair started to grey around the age of 32 I made a promise to go full grey at when I turned sixty.  I proudly flaunt my grey streak.

I’m a bit of a smart ass.

Not religious and will probably be an equal opportunity offender.

Former television producer who has “matured” out of the business and is desperately trying to figure out what’s next, but is still available if someone wants to hire me see resume here.

Former Olympian smoker who used to inhale 2 ½ packs a day.  So if I can quit so can you.  You’ll actually feel better as well.

Come from a large Catholic family.

Call myself a Gi-Mick—the particularly east coast combination of Italian (Ginny) and Irish (Mick) families that marry.  (See Jew-talian)

Have travelled a great deal and on those excursions have partaken in some absolutely wonderful meals.

Why the title “A Well Seasoned Life”?  I thought it was a nice way to say old.

Core belief—the three ‘F’s are the most important elements in like:  Family, Friends and Food

Chronically prompt.

Grew up in New Jersey, lost my accent after twelve years in Vermont, lived in NYC and am now in Los Angeles, and no I don’t miss the change of seasons.





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